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Empowering you with guidance

Kathy has given me very accurate readings, including health issues. She is very clear and to the point. She will not waste your time. When I have had issues, Kathy has given me readings to help me understand what steps I need to take.

Cheryl Hall

satisfied customer

Kathy is excellent at what she does. She is very professional! She was able to help me contact my grandfather after he passed away and helped me understand that it was his time and there was nothing we could of done about it! She has also help open my eyes and my ability to conduct angel card readings! She is very professional with her work and also gives the truth to what messages she gets! She never sugar coats any message!!

Kathy did readings at my crystal store The Crystal Cave when I was in Medfield MA. She had a great following with always positive feedback! I would have her in my store in Sarasota FL if she would come down here!! I HIGHLY recommend her for a compassionate intuitive reading.

Susan Moen

owner Crystal Cave

[email protected]

Kathy is highly accurate and predicted many things that ended up happening. She also brought in my grandmother, described her very well, and definitely brought in a very heart-warming message from her.


repeat client

[email protected]

Kathy's angel card reading was spot on. She was able to provide valuable insight into my question and blew me away with accurate physical descriptions of people. I would highly recommend her and will definitely seek her guidance again. She is truly gifted.



[email protected]

Kathy is very gifted! She has come to the rescue numerous times! I have later contacted her to give her confirmation to her accuracy! I'm grateful to have met her and will definitely contact her anytime I need answers! I highly recommend her! Thank you so much Kathy!


satisfied customer for over 4 years

[email protected]